Aqaba International Industrial Estate (AIIE)

With a major seaport, an international airport, direct surface transportation links to three neighboring countries, and designation as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Aqaba is an attractive investment destination for many businesses. According to the Law, ASEZ registered enterprises will be subject only to a flat 5% income tax on net profits, and will be entitled to duty-free imports including capital equipment and raw material.

The PBI Aqaba strategic plan targets capital intensive diversified light and medium industry, logistics and warehousing complexes and Hi Tech sectors seeking cost and logistics advantages.

These include:

  • PBI Aqaba's experienced service in planning, permitting, partnering and facilitation, before and after commencement of operation by the Investor.
  • Market access agreements (WTO, US FTA, QIZ, EU, FTA and AFTA.
  • Strategic geographic location
  • Excellent transportation network
  • Low utility cost
  • Low labor costs (70% foreign labor allowed)
  • Streamlined business registration (e.g. foreign companies may operate directly)
  • Low taxation
  • Imported materials and equipments are not subject to customs duties
  • No restriction on foreign currency transactions
  • On-site Jordan customs office and truck weighing station
  • Training support

At AIIE, we are building a world-class base for environmentally friendly industries, manufacturers of components for infrastructure development, logistics centers and supporting services